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Nearly 2 million displaced, 15 dead, and 3 missing after torrential rains in Shanxi Province, China


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Fifteen people were killed and 3 others are missing in north China’s Shanxi Province, as a result of torrential rainstorms.

The Chinese government said that during the period from 2 to 7 October, the Chinese region of Shanxi witnessed the strongest autumn flood that occurred. Recorded, the continuous rainfall affected nearly 1.76 million residents in 76 county-level regions across the province, and 120,100 people were evacuated.

About 238,460 hectares of crops were damaged, and 37,700 homes collapsed or were seriously damaged, causing direct economic losses of 5.03 billion yuan (about 780 million US dollars), it added.

Wang Qirui, head of the Emergency Situations Department in north China’s Shanxi Province, said that at least 15 people died due to heavy rains and floods in the area.

Wang added that 3 other people were considered missing, and more than 120,000 people were evacuated from the area due to the floods.

He said: “Heavy rains caused damage to more than 1,757,100 people in 11 cities in the province, the floods resulted in the death of 15 people, the loss of 3 others and 18.2 thousand people were evacuated from the area. The heavy water caused the destruction of more than 19,5 thousand buildings, causing damage to Significant damage to 18.2 thousand buildings. Direct economic losses are estimated at 5.03 billion yuan (about 780 million dollars).

Heavy rains also threatened cultural relics, especially ancient architecture in Shanxi. Initial reports showed that 1,763 relics in Shanxi collapsed or were damaged by rain. The National Cultural Heritage Administration sent experts and allocated funds to rescue and restore local relics.

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Zhang Fa
Zhang Fa
9 months ago


9 months ago

Karachities were waiting and wishing for Shaheen/Gulab to hit Karachi. Just imagine what the impact would be on this third-world country’s city.

Ask me: It would be simply devastating.

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