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Pakistan: Construction industry chaos, ABAD chairman questions fed and province, whom to get approvals?


Zubair Yaqoob
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Chairman of Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD) Mohsin Sheikhani has demanded from the federal and provincial governments to inform the builders and developers of Karachi about the approval of construction projects and from which government department, they can get NOCs so that after construction, no government department or judiciary can declare these buildings illegal and issue demolition orders.

He said this in a press conference on Saturday in presence of ABAD Senior Vice Chairman Muhammad Hanif Memon, Vice Chairman Altaf Kantawala, Chairman Southern Region Sufyan Adhia, Head of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan Amir Khan, Faisal Sabzwari, Wasim Akhtar, and chairman of Sailani Welfare Trust Maulana Bashir Farooqi. Dr. Farooq Sattar, Head of MQM Rehabilitation Movement, Idrees Memon, President, Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nasir Hayat Maggo, President, FPCCI, along with all.

The conference was called to address the demolition of buildings.
He said that those who paid billions of rupees in taxes to Pakistan’s revenue were treated in a way that as terrorists.

Chairman of the registered Association of Builders and Developers Pakistan (ABAD) Mohsin Sheikhani said that construction sector in Karachi has been in decline for decades and at the same time, construction projects in Punjab are approved in a matter of hours. In Karachi, it takes number of months and even years while Karachi has the largest share in construction sector.

The chairman said Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a relief package for the construction sector when the economy of the country was in crisis. He said that member builders and developers of Abad build buildings for construction projects by obtaining NOCs with approval from all departments from the purchase of land to completion.

Builders and developers are being economically massacred by demolishing buildings after they have been declared illegal. He said that Abad has held dozens of press conferences against illegal constructions in Karachi in which information about these illegal constructions was also provided to the authorities.

However, no action is being taken against land grabbing in Karachi and buildings constructed without approval and NOCs, Shaikhani said.

According to chairman ABAD, only those builders and developers who are the lifeline of Pakistan’s economy are being targeted.

Sheikhani said that until the demolition of Nasla Tower and other buildings which have been constructed under all the laws of Abad has not been stopped, the member builders and developers of Abad have stopped work on all the projects due to which work on hundreds of projects has been stopped. It has come to a standstill and the investment of trillions of rupees has come to a standstill while millions of people are feared to be unemployed. The federal and provincial governments are responsible for this. ۔ He said that the tragedy was that due to the extraordinary delay in the approval of construction projects, the builders and developers of Karachi could not register any new project with FBR under the amnesty granted to the construction sector and only registered projects under construction. Gone. But the unregistered contractors are continuing the illegal construction from the faction.

Mohsin Shaikhani warned the federal and provincial governments that if the demolition of buildings in Karachi was not stopped after the approval of all departments, they would be responsible for the damage to Pakistan’s economy.

In a packed press conference, the President of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Idrees Memon said that the construction sector in Karachi has been destroyed under the conspiracy. He said that the government has asked us to bring foreign investment to Pakistan. On what ground the foreigner will invest in Pakistan if he sees local investors being forced down economically.

President KCCI has warned the federal and provincial governments that today builders and developers have announced the closure of their businesses if they demand to build ethnic and other legal If demolition of buildings is not stopped then all business community of Karachi will close their businesses and take to the streets. Karachi city is the economic lifeblood of Pakistan. The economic lifeline will be cut.

FPCCI President Naser Hayat Magoo said that the buildings in which the court deems irregularities have taken place should be given amnesty as all illegal constructions in Punjab have been regularized by giving amnesty.

FPCCI president asked Federal and provincial governments to review the matter with past examples of Constitution Avenue in Islamabad and Karachi Bahria Town.

Naser Magoo demanded from Sindh and the federal government to form a party against the decision of demolition of Nasla Tower and other buildings.

Magoo lambasted the law enforcement agencies for baton charging and shelling on the peaceful protestors. He said that strict action should be taken against them by suspending them.

MQM Pakistan leader Faisal Sabzwari said that Bahria Town has been regularized on the basis of third-party interest, and so the Nasla and other buildings be regularized.

Faisal Sabzwari said that giving justice to the people is justice and not without He said that it was not fair to evict the people who have been living on Gujjar Nala for decades without providing alternative accommodation.

During the speech, Sabzwari apologized to Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed and said the registry building of the Supreme Court is also being constructed on a drain. Will it also be demolished?

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Khurram Sher Zaman has strongly condemned the police baton charge and shelling on top builders and developers of Pakistan who paid billions of rupees in taxes to florish the country’s economy.

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