Friday, August 12, 2022

Pinktober: Ufone pledges support to foster awareness on breast cancer


Muhammad Yasir
Yasir Shaikh is a journalist and blogger based in Karachi. He has worked for leading English newspapers of Pakistan for a decade. He writes on business, technology, and communications.

World observes October as the Breast Cancer Awareness month globally, Pakistani telecom company Ufone plays its part in drawing attention towards the urgency of early detection and treatment of this disease by lighting up ‘Ufone Tower’ in bright pink colors, which is a landmark building in the heart of Islamabad

This initiative is taken to create awareness on breast cancer and check the spread of the disease amongst women in Pakistan. Globally breast cancer is one of the leading cause of deaths in women. Unfortunately, Pakistan ranks as one of the highest in Asia in terms of the number of patients diagnosed with the disease and the numbers are rapidly growing every year. Approximately 1.38 million new cases are diagnosed annually and nearly 0.5 million women succumb to the disease every year in Pakistan due to late detection.

Every year,Ufone Tower is lit up in pink colors to show solidarity towards the cause and to raise awareness through sessions on self-examination for early diagnosis to increase survival chances. Moreover, these sessions also focus on denouncing common myths that surround this disease and effective measures are sought to check the spread of this life threatening disease.

Ufone Tower will stay pink during the entire month of October as a reminder about the perils of this disease that is often ignored, downplayed or stigmatized. The initiative comes in line with Ufone’s long term commitment towards the wellbeing of its users as is evident from its cherished motto of ‘Tum Hi Tou Ho’!

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