Thursday, August 18, 2022

Pope calls for dialogue to end conflict in Afghanistan


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Pope Francis called for dialogue to end the conflict in Afghanistan, and Pope Francis said – in his homily that there is a need for dialogue in order for people to live in peace, security and mutual respect.

This comes in the wake of the arrival of the Taliban fighters to the outskirts of the Afghan capital, Kabul, and after they managed this morning to control the city, Jalalabad.

An atmosphere of panic gripped the residents of the capital, Kabul, with the Taliban continuing to advance towards the city, while Washington continues to evacuate the US embassy staff from the Afghan capital.

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The Afghan Interior Minister said that the Taliban began storming the capital, Kabul, from all sides.

The Taliban took control of the city of Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan without any resistance, hours after they seized Mazar Sharif, the fourth largest Afghan city, and the largest city in the north of the country.

The Taliban, who began their offensive in May with the start of the final withdrawal of US and foreign forces, managed in just ten days to control the majority of the country, reached the outskirts of Kabul, and are now completely besieging it.

Shortly before that, the Taliban announced the control of Bagram district in Parwan state, northeast of the capital, Kabul, a few hours after its control of the capital of Maidan Wardak state, west of Kabul, and the Afghan-Pakistani border.

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