Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Proposed bill in China would punish parents for their children’s misbehavior


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A proposed bill in China would seek to punish parents whose children engage in very bad behavior or commit crimes.

According to the Family Education Promotion Bill, guardians will be reprimanded and instructed to enter family education guidance programs if prosecutors find very bad or criminal behavior in the children in their care.

A spokesman for the Legislative Affairs Committee of the Chinese parliament said there are many reasons why teens misbehave, and the lack of proper family education is the main reason.

The bill, which will be reviewed at the Parliament’s Standing Committee session, also urged parents to arrange their children’s time between rest, play and exercise.

The increasing role of the Chinese state in modifying the behavior of young people, starting with rules to deal with their addiction to electronic games, which was described as spiritual opium, to launching a campaign against the so-called blind worship of Internet celebrities.

In recent months, the Chinese Ministry of Education has limited the number of hours minors are allowed to play digital games, only one hour on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

The ministry also reduced the amount of homework and prohibited school education in major subjects on holidays and weekends, for fear of the heavy academic burden on children.

While China urges young males to be more masculine and less feminine. In its proposal to prevent the feminization of male adolescents, issued last December, the Education Ministry urged schools to promote on-campus sports such as soccer.

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