Thursday, August 11, 2022

Russia closes its airspace for 36 countries including Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada


Stefan Hans
Stefan is a german based freelance content writer. He mainly writes on Political and Research-based stories.

The Russian Federal Aviation Authority announced restrictions on the flights of airlines from 36 countries; In response to a ban by a number of European countries, Russian aircraft.

“In accordance with the rules of international law, and in response to the ban imposed by European countries against flights of civil aircraft operated by Russian air carriers and registered in Russia, restrictions against flights were imposed by air carriers of 36 countries,” the Russian authority said in a statement. “.

These restrictions are imposed on air carriers in:

  • Austria,
  • Albania,
  • Belgium,
  • Bulgaria,
  • the British Virgin Islands,
  • Britain,
  • Hungary,
  • Germany,
  • Gibraltar,
  • Greece,
  • Denmark,
  • Greenland,
  • the Faroe Islands,
  • the territorial sea,
  • Ireland,
  • Iceland,
  • Spain,
  • Italy,
  • Canada,
  • Cyprus,
  • Latvia,
  • Lithuania,
  • Luxembourg,
  • Malta,
  • the Netherlands,
  • Norway,
  • Poland,
  • Romania,
  • Slovakia,
  • Slovenia,
  • Finland,
  • France,
  • Croatia,
  • the Czech Republic,
  • Sweden,
  • Estonia

This ban comes at a time when most European countries have announced the closure of their airspace to Russian civilian aircraft.

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