Thursday, July 7, 2022

Russian minister: US missiles deployment in Asia, a threat to eastern Russian region


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Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stressed that the deployment of US medium-range missiles in Asia poses a threat to Russia’s eastern regions.

From a military point of view, the combination of the missile strike component and anti-missile defense means can change the balance of power not only in the region but also around the world,” the Russian minister said in a speech at the 9th Moscow Conference on International Security.

Shoigu added: “If a decision is taken on the deployment of medium-range missiles in Asia, this situation will pose a threat to the eastern regions of Russia.”

He continued: “Another trend in recent years is the widespread deployment of missile defense systems and their combination with offensive weapons, and Russian experts have repeatedly pointed out the destabilizing role of missile defense systems in the Asia-Pacific region, and our assessments of the situation have been fully confirmed in Europe, where the regional missile defense system is now presented as one of the elements of NATO’s containment of Russia.

The Russian Defense Minister noted that in Europe and in Southeast Asia, advanced groups of high readiness are being created, strike groups and aircraft carriers are being deployed, and ships of NATO countries are increasingly participating in naval maneuvers, explaining that this increases the risk of accidents in the context of military activities.

The Moscow International Security Conference, in its ninth session, from June 22-24, will discuss issues of strategic stability, global and regional security in Europe, Africa, the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America and the Middle East, and the participation of military authorities in combating the “Covid-19” epidemic.

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