Friday, August 12, 2022

TikTok accused of spreading false information about Coronavirus among children


Robert Frank
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TikTok, which is widely used by teenagers and children, spreads videos calling for a boycott of Coronavirus vaccines and publishes false information about the epidemic, which poses a danger to minors.

The Newsguard organization, which tracks sites and accounts that spread false information in the virtual world, said that there are TikTok accounts, followed by thousands of users, that spread incorrect information among children about the Coronavirus and vaccines made to combat it.

The organization added that it conducted an investigation into the matter and sent its results to both the British government and the World Health Organization, but these accounts were not disabled on TikTok.

The NewsGuard’s warning came at a time when social networking sites such as Facebook’s Instagram have been discovered to be harmful to the mental health of adolescents and children.

The organization indicated that children under the age of eleven were able to see those clips and materials that provide false information about the epidemic, despite the fact that TikTok allows those over the age of thirteen to have an account on the platform.

NewsGuard said that some of these clips were viewed by millions, as these accounts called false side effects of corona vaccines, and any incorrect information about the virus, which poses a threat to public health.

TikTok said that they are keen to get rid of accounts that publish incorrect information or materials that threaten the safety of users of the social platform.

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