Thursday, January 27, 2022

Trump: America’s influence has fallen to its lowest historical levels


Stefan Hans
Stefan is a german based freelance content writer. He mainly writes on Political and Research-based stories.

Former US President Donald Trump said that the influence of the United States in the world has fallen to its lowest historical levels after the arrival of the administration of current President Joe Biden to the White House.

Trump said in an interview with a British channel, in response to a question, about the position of the United States on the world stage, “This is the lowest point the country has reached, I do not remember that we (America) was in this position.“.

The former president noted that relations between the United States and North Korea have deteriorated since Joe Biden came to power.

Earlier, Trump described the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan as the “biggest humiliation” in the field of foreign policy the United States has faced in its history.

Trump blamed Biden for not following through on the plan his administration came up with and bemoaned the American personnel and equipment left behind as troops pulled out, saying, “This is not a withdrawal. This is complete surrender.”

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