Friday, August 12, 2022

Trump railed against Joe Biden: It would not have happened if I were president


Robert Frank
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Former US President Donald Trump criticised successor Joe Biden after the two suicide bombings in the Afghan capital, Kabul, that killed 13 US soldiers in one of the deadliest days for US forces in Afghanistan in nearly a decade.

Trump said in a video statement that this attack would not have happened if he had been the president. In remarks that lasted for two minutes and 15 seconds, Trump mourned the soldiers killed in the brutal and barbaric attacks, which also killed at least 60 Afghans and claimed responsibility by ISIS in Khorasan.

“These noble American warriors gave their lives in the line of duty, sacrificed themselves for the country they love, in a race against time to save their fellow citizens out of harm’s way, they died as American heroes and our nation will honour their memory forever,” Trump said.

Trump denounced the Biden administration for working with the Taliban in an effort to secure the withdrawal of thousands of American and Afghan citizens who helped NATO forces oust the Taliban from power in 2011.

Trump said that the Taliban is the enemy, and I dealt with the Taliban leader who is a tough guy and has been fighting us for many years, and we are using them now to protect us? Look what happened with that protection, 100 people, maybe a lot more than 110 people they say, were killed and 13 of our amazing soldiers were killed, and that’s just the beginning.

Trump defended the ceasefire his administration reached with the Taliban in 2020 and said it did not commit the United States to a fixed date for withdrawal, contrary to Biden’s claims.

We had a lot of time, the Taliban weren’t going to move, we had them in complete control and we had planes and air forces and they had nothing,” Trump said. “There was no need to rush. I would have taken two or three years to recall the American forces from there.

He continued, “They, the Taliban, would not do anything without my consent. All they did was based on conditions, and the biggest condition was not to kill Americans. They can go back to civil war after we leave, and they can do whatever they like, but they can never kill an American or ever come to our lands.”

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