Friday, August 12, 2022

US Capitol: Police evacuates the vicinity over active bomb threat


Robert Frank
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The suspect, identified as Ray Roseberry, outside the US Library of Congress is threatening to blow up his pickup truck that, according to him, contains enough power to blow up two city blocks in DC.

The suspect’s decision is believed to be invoked by his hatred towards Joe Biden’s Government.

The Police have been deployed along with the FBI. According to sources, negotiations are underway with the suspect.

The USCP police official account tweeted that the police is responding to the threat and warns citizens to stay away from the area.

The Police have evacuated the nearby vicinity following the active bomb threat. The evacuation process contains the area of Times Square, Midtown Manhattan.

The suspect in his live stream warned that ” If you wanna shoot me then take the chance of blowing up 2 and a half city blocks”

Aerial view of Times Square after bomb threat due to suspicious package. NYPD evacuated the area:

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