Saturday, August 13, 2022

US forces blew up the last CIA base in Afghanistan


Robert Frank
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US forces destroyed the last base of the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, in Afghanistan outside Kabul airport, by a controlled explosion that was heard throughout the Afghan capital.

The purpose of bombing the Eagle base was to ensure that no equipment or information left there would fall into the hands of the Taliban.

The “Eagle” base, which began its operation early in the war in Afghanistan at the headquarters of a former brick factory, was used throughout the conflict and has grown from a small site to a sprawling centre used to train Counter-terrorism forces of the Afghan intelligence services.

Those forces were the only ones who continued fighting as the government collapsed, according to current and former US officials.

The local Afghans knew little about the base, which was highly secure and designed to make it impenetrable. The site was surrounded by walls 10 feet high, while a thick metal gate opened and closed quickly to allow cars to enter.

Once inside, the cars still had to pass three external security checkpoints where they were searched and the documents carried by their occupants checked before they were allowed to enter the base.

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