Friday, July 1, 2022

WHO calls on countries to ‘keep borders open’


Hailey Warner
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The World Health Organization called on countries to “keep borders open”, after several countries around the world decided to completely close their borders, such as Israel and Morocco closed their borders to countries in southern Africa.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen warned that the world faces a race against time to understand the new mutated Omicron of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), and to modify vaccines if necessary to confront it.

“We know that we are now in a race against time,” Der Leine said – calling on the public to take precautionary measures immediately so that scientists have enough time to study and understand Omicron and set a clear path to deal with it.

“Scientists and drug makers need two to three weeks to get a full picture of how deep the mutations are in the Omicron strain,” she added, urging people to get vaccinated, wear medical masks and practice social distancing.

In turn, Chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States, Anthony Fauci, considered that receiving booster doses of vaccines against the Coronavirus may guarantee high protection from the “Omicron” strain of the Coronavirus.

Fauci said “If 6 months have passed since you received the second dose of vaccines based on messenger RNA technology from Pfizer or Moderna, you should vaccinate with a booster dose. If two months or more have passed since you were vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, you should take a booster dose.”

Fauci advised Americans not to delay receiving the booster dose, and said: “When you receive the booster dose, the level of antibodies will rise very high compared to what it was after the second dose.”

He continued, “Even when dealing with strains such as Omicron, your antibody level after the booster dose will be high enough… This is likely to give a significant and possibly high level of protection.

Fauci explained that the level of immunity declines more than 6 months after vaccination, warning of the occurrence of a new wave of the spread of the virus in the absence of speedy re-vaccination.

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