Tuesday, August 16, 2022

A question of value-adding literacy


Parvez Jamil
Parvez Jamil has four decades of intensive and extensive experience with excellence in Public Affairs, Corporate Communication and Media Management. He has an inherent will and wish to take on board the less-privileged in his personal and professional priorities.

World Literacy Day September 8: “Literacy” is understood as being able to read and write or to have knowledge about a specific subject. How about, if possible, delving into literacy and unfolding its real revealing and rewarding part!

Here educational literacy may endeavour as the driving factor in all subjects. … Educational literacy is more than just being able to read, write and spell, it is about students being able to interpret, react, articulate, express thoughts and feelings.

Slowly and gradually, this goes far ahead and much beyond fundamental literacy skills like listening, speaking, reading, writing, sounds of language and print; the relationship between letters and sounds, vocabulary, spelling and comprehension.

Whichever dictionary of the world and whoever the intelligentsia, the common notion is literacy is just the ability to read and write. But the wheels of life cannot move with just literacy. We need value-adding skills for life and livelihood indeed.

Important if somebody can simply read and write but vital if value-adding skills are acquired: arts, crafts, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, driving, cobblery, colouring, painting, decorating, stitching, sewing, cooking, catering and entertaining etc.

Associated with the acquisition of skills and trades is what is known as the dignity of labour. Working males and females, young and old need to be linked to grace, dignity and honour. Respect is the pivot around which revolve their morale and output towards a welfare society.

Seldom pondered and realized that literacy is the root of character building. Difficult to believe real literacy teaches, nurtures and blossoms mutual patience, tolerance and fellow feeling leading to mutual goodwill, cheers and happiness.

It is with the same character and reputation that our workers win respect and earn laurels in the comity of nations, performing wonderfully well in foreign lands as highly value-adding foreign earners attributing Pakistan in letter and spirit.

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