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Capacity building session on exports enhancement held at KCIP


Zain Zubair
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A Capacity building session on exports enhancement was held in Mehran Commercial Enterprises located in Korangi Creek Industrial Park on “Exporting Issues and Enhancement” on Friday. The speaker of the workshop was former Secretary Commerce & Finance Mohammad Younus Dagha.

During the advance level, issues and ways were discussed to penetrate in foreign markets, to get market share and to liaison between the export-oriented companies and the policymakers.

Participants were the company heads from Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Korangi Creek Industrial Park from the Pharmaceutical and Auto Parts Manufacturing industries.

“Pakistan has huge exports potential which needs to tap into markets around the world” – Mashood Khan

Session participants emphasized to curb the gaps to achieve the yield for the existing exporters (SMEs). Prerequisites and compliance policies for exporting to different countries, duties on imported raw material used for export products, facilities like design houses, access to credit, subsidized trade fair participation for SMEs etc.

It was highlighted that our competitors in the global market enjoyed access to many facilities and subsidies making them more competitive.

Dagha appreciated the valuable inputs from the industrialists present during the session. He assured that the issues and recommendations would be presented to the Policy making authorities for incorporation into the upcoming policies.

“Session participants emphasized to curb the gaps to achieve the yield for the existing exporters (SMEs)”

Director of Mehran Commercial Enterprises Mashood Khan said that the export sector is the engine of growth and the backbone of strong economy. Developed nations like Germany, China and South Korea weighs and strengthen their export sector for rapid growth of their economies.

Mashood said; “Pakistan has a huge export potential which needs to tap into different markets around the world”. He emphasized that there is an urgent need to mark “road map ” to enter into unattended markets.

He said the brain storming sessions will help in achieving the objectives, with these workshops, existing and new exporters come together with specialists to identify new market trends, opportunities, threats and strategies to cater to them.

Mashood also appreciated the experience and services of Mohammad Younus Dagha in the fields of trade, investment, energy and finance.

Mashood concluded with note that the knowledge based seminars and workshops at MCE will help to loop exports growth.

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