Saturday, January 29, 2022

Ongoing power struggle at FPCCI may result in the end of body’s democratic legacy


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at
A severe power struggle has started between the recently elected office bearers of Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), where each trying to establish their superiority and capitalize on the proceeding opportunities.


Ever since appointment of former Senior Vice President Mazhar Ali Nasir as Advisor to President FPCCI and his subsequent rather prominent media appearances, the apex trade body of the country has a power struggle.


This is endorsed by the circulating rumors that the elected office bearers are unhappy with recent situation.


Now the FPCCI’s body opposing on Mazhar Ali Nasir’s appointment as Advisor to President, including large number of members.


Since FPCCI serves the interests of the business community, and a tussle between the tycoons to have a high-hand in the federation’s affairs is not surprising. Country’s premier trade body has gained even more importance in the backdrop of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).


FPCCI is also opening a branch office in Gwadar for which the land has already been acquired. This office will be a landmark achievement to facilitate the business community in investment advisory activities relating to the CPEC.


It is fair to understand that some non-FPCCI member elements are backing one of the parties.


Mazhar Ali Nasir was appointed Advisor to President on January 01, 2019. On January 12th, Mirza Abdul Rehman representing Attock Chamber of Commerce and Industry approached Director General Trade Organizations (DGTO) challenging this appointment.


Reminding that DGTO is tasked with a statutory duty to overlook and regulate the affairs of a trade organization, thereby overseeing that the functions of a trade organization as conducted in accordance with the law and regulated by the Memorandum and Article’s, Mirza Abdul Rehman noted this appointment is an illegal and unwarranted act, as no such post/appointment is provided for by the hierarchy outlined by Trade Organizations Act and the Trade Organizations Rules of 2013.


The Memorandum and Article’s of FPCCI also do not provide for any post of appointment. Such appointment is clearly beyond the sphere of powers and trade organizations across Pakistan have serious reservations over such appointment as the Advisor cannot be considered to be a representative of any trade organization, thus is an ‘outsider’, Attock Chamber noted.


The elite of four time highly acclaimed elected United Business Group must think for a few or the business community as whole as these illogical steps could downtrend the popularity and the support.


FPCCI is the epitome of trade organization structure at the federal level being a culmination of representatives of trade bodies and organizations from all over Pakistan.



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