Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Pakistan Plane Crash: Death toll increased to 97 and two survivors


Zubair Yaqoob
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A Pakistani official said on Saturday, that the data recorded of the flight of the Pakistani plane that crashed into a residential neighborhood in the city of Karachi yesterday which resulted in 97 deaths.

Two people on board miraculously survived, while there were no reports of casualties among the residents of the neighborhood where it fell.

The Pakistan International Airbus A-320 plane was on a flight from Lahore to Karachi with 99 people on board when it crashed at around 02:45 pm (0945 GMT) while making a second attempt to land.

The black box was found late yesterday. We are handing it over to the investigation committee,” said Pakistan International Airlines spokesman Abdullah Khan, confirming that the flight data recorder and voice recorder were found in the cockpit.

The company’s CEO, Arshad Malik, said on Friday that the last message from the pilot was that he was facing a technical problem.

Another senior civil aviation official told Reuters it appeared the plane could not land its wheels on the first landing attempt.

Aviation safety experts say aircraft crashes usually have several causes.

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According to a recording posted on the website of the follow-up of the aircraft movement, the pilot of the stricken plane informed the control tower that the plane’s engines had failed, seconds before it crashed.

Airbus said the plane made its first flight in 2004 and was equipped with two engines, CFM International, owned by General Electric and France’s Safran.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that an investigation would be opened. A notice from the government civil aviation department showed that a team of four was formed last night to take over the investigation.

The team includes three members of the Air Accident Board and investigation and one member of the Pakistan Air Force Safety Council. The notification stated that the team would issue a preliminary statement within a month.

A statement from the Regional Office of the Minister of Health said on Saturday that the number of victims of the accident reached 97.

Today, Saturday, members of the Civil Administration and the army are removing the plane’s debris from the neighborhood and are working to help residents whose homes have been damaged.

Pakistan had just resumed its domestic flights last week, which had been suspended as a result of public isolation measures to counter the Covid-19 pandemic, with many expected to travel on Eid al-Fitr, which falls in Pakistan on Sunday.

And Friday’s accident was the worst air disaster in Pakistan since 2012 when a Boeing 737 passenger plane crashed in Islamabad, killing 127 people.

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