Friday, August 12, 2022

Times Square, New York evacuated over 4 active bombs threat


Robert Frank
Robert started his career as a freelance content writer. Now, He is the founder of widely-recognized PR Agency. Robert still writes news pieces on various publications.

Times Square in New York was evacuated after a bomb threat was reported outside the Library of Congress, and New York Police said that there was no bomb in the suspicious package in Times Square.

The suspect in the vicinity of the US Congress is talking about 4 bombs that will be detonated if the police kill him.

Negotiations are ongoing as police say they’re aiming for a peaceful resolution.

“I’m not hurting nobody Joe. I’m not pulling the trigger on this thing. I can’t,” he said. “I’m telling you, them snipers come in, they start shooting this window out, this bomb’s going off.”

While he did not claim a political affiliation, he referred at one point to “the revolution” and said: “I’m looking for all my other patriots to come out and help me.”

Before that, the Counter-Terrorism Center of the Director of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation “FBI” monitored the growth of contacts between activists of organizations that carry extremist ideas and tend to violence among white Americans who hold right-wing ideals against people of colour, immigrants and residents, warning of the possibility of waves of existing violence.

On racial grounds in the United States this year, the report – which is the first of its kind – included assessments of the situation regarding the state of sectarian violence at home, confirming the persistence of ethnic hostility feelings that tend to violent extremism among large sectors of Americans, fueled by the economic pressures resulting from Corona pandemic.

At one point, a man who appeared to be in a pickup truck was live-streaming outside the area, talking about a revolution, calling on “other patriots,” and trying to get President Biden on the phone. The Facebook live videos of the man who apparently is in the standoff with Capitol Police show what looks to be a bomb in his lap. He is holding a large canister with a battery-powered device on top. He also claims to have ammonium nitrate in the toolbox of his truck. He said the device is sound-activated, and will only go off if the truck windows break by a bullet or other means.

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