Friday, August 19, 2022

Cabinet allegedly plans to overthrow May


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at

British Prime Minister Theresa May could soon be forced by her Cabinet to resign, according to speculation. The British media reported on Sunday, citing government circles.

The british media stated that eleven unnamed government members who want to overthrow May. There are already reflections that Deputy Prime Minister David Lidington could step in as interim head of government. He should explore a new course for leaving the EU and make room for a permanent PM in the fall.

“There’s a full-blown cabinet coup tonight,” Political Editor Tim Shipman wrote on Twitter Saturday, citing talks with ministers. “The end is near,” Shipman quoted one of them without naming the name. “She’ll be gone in ten days.” May should be confronted with the demand at a Cabinet meeting on Monday. Should May not bow to pressure from her cabinet, the ministers wanted to threaten to resign. May’s office did not comment on the report.

Environment Minister Michael Gove, who is considered to be particularly well connected, and Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, are also in talks. The Times and The Daily Telegraph had also reported growing pressure on May to resign.

The Prime Minister is only days before the actually planned Brexit appointment before a third vote defeat in parliament with their withdrawal agreement. Two times, in January and mid-March, she had already crashed with a crash. While the EU agreed to postpone the EU’s exit, patience with the Prime Minister in London seems to be largely over.

May had recently snubbed many MPs with a harsh statement blaming Parliament for the impending Brexit delay. “MEPs were unable to agree on a way to implement the UK’s exit,” May said. “I personally regret that very much.” But she did not question her own role.

There is also growing discontent among the population about the government’s Brexit policy. Hundreds of thousands of Britons demonstrated in the British capital against a withdrawal of their country from the European Union and called for a second Brexit referendum. The organizers expect more than one million participants, much more than a similar rally in October when some 700,000 protested against the government’s planned Brexit.

Even after years of debate, it is still not clear when and if Britain ever leaves the EU. If the lower house still agrees to the negotiated withdrawal agreement that has already been rejected twice, the Brexit will be postponed until May 22nd.

However, if the parliament does not agree, there should be an extension initially only until 12 April – then threatens a “hard Brexit”.

Meanwhile, May is considering a waiver of a third vote. If there is not enough backing in the parliament, they will refrain from it, wrote the head of government in a letter to the deputies.


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