Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Learn about: Trump’s habits inside Air Force One during trips abroad


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at wnobserver.com

Current and former US officials have revealed the serious difficulties that stand out in accompanying President Donald Trump on his trips abroad on the Boeing 747 jumbo  ‘Air force One’.

Five former and current officials confirmed that when Trump came to power in 2017, they were looking forward to accompanying him on foreign visits, but some are now doing everything they can to avoid it. One of them even considered that anyone traveling with Trump in Air Force One, “Like a hostage.”

Anyone traveling with Trump in Air Force One, “Like a hostage.” 

The officials said that traveling on board the Air Force One  was worse than the exhausting visits to the White House, which lasted hours, pointing out that these trips, which may take 20 hours in a state of chaos.

The officials said that Trump was traveling on the front of the plane instead of resting in a sleeping room with his hindsight, saying that the president did only four things on the plane: eating, watching television, reading newspapers, talking to his close friends, making contacts with friends and allies when entering  foreign airspace.

” Tie the seat belts” when Trump is angry

The officials confirmed that Trump was watching for hours on Fox News (his favorite channel) and when the screen shows an address he does not like, everyone knows that it is time to “tie the seat belts”, because of his angry reactions.

One official said that Trump in these cases ordered “do something” to fix the situation, even if the plane flew this moment over the Atlantic Ocean.

Moreover, it is no secret that Trump has trouble sleeping, and does not even sleep in the White House more than four or five hours, but in the plane does not sleep at all.

Trump has trouble sleeping

During his night trips, Trump calls on his officials even if they sleep, to discuss newspaper headlines and schedule, sports news and rumors.

Flights on board the Air Force One are a major challenge for officials because of the lack of sleeping quarters except for the presidential bedroom.

Trump and his team are set to spend 80 hours in the summer on board the number one flight, taking a distance of about 58,000 km, including two visits to Japan and Europe.

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