Sunday, September 19, 2021


Deadly clashes between Venezuelan police and the opposition, death toll rose to 49 since the beginning of 2019

The Venezuelan capital Caracas on Friday witnessed major demonstrations in various parts of the country against the Maduro's ruling regime, with deadly clashes between the Venezuelan police and the Guaido led opposition. The office documented the deaths of 49 Venezuelans...

US sanctions on Venezuela led to death of 40 thousand citizens: CPER study

US economic sanctions against Venezuela have killed 40,000 people, a US study center said on Wednesday. The Center for Economic and Political Studies CEPR said in a report published this week that the US sanctions imposed in the summer of 2017...
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Reflex action on the abandoned cricket series

Begging our hearts out for conflict and crisis management on the part of our leadership, specifically cricket management, are...
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