Wednesday, December 8, 2021

East China Sea

US Navy describes Russian ship’s crew as “unprofessional”

The US Navy caused the incident between the American cruiser "Chancellorsville" and the Russian warship "Admiral Vinogradov" in the East China Sea, the Russia Network reported on Friday. The US Navy Command described the Russian ship's crew as "unprofessional". The...

US warship nearly caused a collision with a Russian destroyer in the East China Sea

The Russian fleet in the Pacific Ocean on Friday accused a US warship that it had caused a collision with a Russian military vessel in the East China Sea during a dangerous maneuver described by Russian news agencies,. According to...
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Latest News

Canadian MP Shafqat Ali says Canada is open to Pakistani students

Member Canadian Parliament Shafqat Ali has urged the Pakistan students to actively consider Canada as a choice destination for...
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