Saturday, October 8, 2022

Navy Seals

Trump tries political rhythm on Navy’s drum

The 39-year-old officer of the special unit "Navy Seals" was charged with the murder of Iraqi civilians, but was acquitted of this accusation. However, a military court sentenced him for posing with one of the bodies for photos. He had already...

Navy Seal relieves superior and admits murder

In a lawsuit for war crimes in Iraq, a soldier of the Navy Seals relieved his superiors and admitted the murder of an IS fighter. The "New York Times" reports that Corey Scott was watching Special Forces Chief Edward Gallagher...
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Latest News

Seasoned journalist Mehboob Sheikh holds interactive session with neuroscientist Dr. Naveed Imam Syed

A session on ‘Present, Past, and Future of Technology and Innovation was held in Toronto, Canada for university students...
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