Tuesday, September 21, 2021


High levels of methylmercury in the world’s oceans threaten to eliminate fish

High levels of methylmercury in the world's oceans threatens to eradicate fish, according to a recent report published in the daily mail. Scientists have warned that increased toxic mercury in seafood threatens human health, including cod and tuna, as warm...

Fish import to Thiland can be expanded to $ 300 Mn: Bari Pitafi 

Provincial Minister  for Livestock and Fisheries Abdul Bari Pitaffi on Thursday said that the sea food has potential to increase the revenue of country as Sindh province can import of fish up to $300 million. This he said during...
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Canada Election: Voting ends, counting begins

Polling stations have closed in much of Canada, scores of seats are beginning to trickle in from the Elections...
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