Sunday, September 26, 2021

south Asia

Regressive taxes keeping many countries poor: Mian Zahid

The President PBIF Mian Zahid said that the regressive taxes keeping many countries poor. tax evasion resulting in poverty, unemployment and illiteracy Loans, grants not a substitute to economic activity. Talking to the business community President Pakistan Businessmen and Intellectuals...

Nintendo transfers switch devices facility in south Asia to avoid US taxes

In an effort to avoid falling under American tax, Nintendo is now trying to transfer the manufacturing of Switch devices outside China, where the company has already started manufacturing in South Asia, to avoid taxes on its product, which...
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Seasoned builder and developer Mohsin Sheikhani elected as chairman ABAD

Pakistan’s seasoned builder and developer and Patron-in-Chief of Allied Panel Mohsin Sheikhani was elected Chairman of the Association of...
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