Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sundar Pichai

Mnuchin: Google’s work in China is small and unquestionable

A recent report from the website cnet said that Google CEO Sunder Pichai met Steven Mnuchin this week in an effort to allay fears about the search giant's work in China. After the meeting, the IS Treasury Secretary Mnuchin...

Sundar Pichai: Google would need “appropriate conditions” for restarting in China

Google's chief executive, Sunder Pichai, said his company, which left China in 2010 to protest Beijing's strict censorship policies, would not re-launch its services in the country without "proper conditions." Google faced fierce anger last year when it was said...
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Seasoned builder and developer Mohsin Sheikhani elected as chairman ABAD

Pakistan’s seasoned builder and developer and Patron-in-Chief of Allied Panel Mohsin Sheikhani was elected Chairman of the Association of...
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