Monday, July 26, 2021

Android Q is expected to release the first edition in May


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Slowly entering 2019, a new generation of Android version will also meet with us.

According to the 26-letter deduction sequence, the Android 9 P is expected to be the Android 10 Q system. Last year, Google’s developer conference gave a preview of the Android Q support split screen with more than two multitasking features.

Google inside sources revealed that the dark mode has been approved on Android Q and will become a formal feature. Currently, the Q development team is closely optimizing the experience to ensure that all pre-installed applications match the dark mode of the system by May of this year.

Google’s new system Fuchsia is compatible with Android apps


Mentioned here in May, seems to once again suggest the release time of the first preview version of Android 10 Q.

In fact, the dark mode theme appeared in the early Beta version of Android 9 Pie, but it was not developed and was officially released.

In addition to helping the “night owl” users to play the phone at night, the dark mode is not the perfect partner for the OLED screen phone. The use of black pixels without illuminating features with the adaptive battery will bring a very significant power saving effect.

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