Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Apple unveils News Plus paid service


Izaan Zubair
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Apple has just unveiled Apple News Plus, a subscription service that allows you to access articles from various news organizations, including about 300 magazines.

The service also includes the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal. Users will also be able to access digital newspapers for only $ 9.99 a year.

The service has an interesting feature that is a recommendation engine. Unlike the recommendation algorithms you find on other broadcast services such as Netflix, the feature runs on the same device instead of remotely running on Apple servers, preventing both the company and advertisers from following your reading habits.


News Plus will be launched Tuesday in the US and Canada, in English and French, the first month will be complimented as free.

Apple News Plus is part of a range of services unveiled by the company as it tries to move its business so that it is less dependent on devices such as the iPhone or iPad.

For example, the company still accounts for two-thirds of revenue from the iPhone alone, although it faces an increasingly mature and competitive market for smartphones .

In the run-up to the announcement, there was some concern among publishers about how to split service revenues, the Wall Street Journal reported in February, and New York Times chief executive Mark Thompson said on Thursday that the media establishment would probably not participate.

“We tend to be very careful about the idea of ​​people getting used to finding our press somewhere else,” he told Reuters.

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