Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Facebook classifies comments based on interaction and importance


Izaan Zubair
Technology writer @ WNObserver

In a move to make comments more visible, Facebook published a new update to classify comments and show the most important to users.

Comments are selected according to the interaction of the page or from the person who originally posted it or from the common friends of that person.

“We will take other grounds into consideration, to choose the comments we will make, not only based on the interaction of the page, person or friends, to avoid the appearance of unintentional comments,” Facebook official Justin Sheen said.

Users can also edit comments on their posts by hiding, deleting, or stopping them.

The label will be automatically enabled for pages and people who have a lot of followers, and also let them off the label if they do not.

Comments will not be enabled automatically for the people who do not have a large number of followers, as there will not be many comments, but anyone can do order comments through settings.

“We want people to see safe and genuine comments, and any comments that violate social norms will be deleted,” Justin said.

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