Thursday, August 11, 2022

Facebook delete 2632 pages linked to Iran, Russia and Macedonia on policy violations


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at

The social networking site “Facebook” in a publication through its official blog stated that  around 2632 pages, accounts and groups on Facebook and Instagram were deleted, on the pretext that they are imaginary accounts tracking “deception” and mostly related to Russia, Iran, Macedonia and Kosovo.

Facebook explained that it had found no links between these groups, but overall they used similar methods by creating networks of accounts to mislead others about what they were doing. “We are constantly exploring and stopping this type of activity because we do not want to use our services to address People, we remove these pages and accounts based on their behavior, not the content they published. In each case, the people behind this activity coordinated with each other and used false accounts and that was the basis of our work. ”

The company said it had removed 513 pages, collections and accounts for violating its policies and creating fake accounts as part of multiple networks linked to Iran. These accounts operated in Egypt, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kashmir, Kazakhstan or on a large scale across the Middle East and North Africa. Who are self-absorbed as local citizens and media entities, often use false accounts – impersonate real political groups and media organizations, publish news stories about current events and often re-broadcast the content and amplify it from the media Islamic issues, Indian politics and the recent crisis in Venezuela, but although the people behind this activity tried to hide their identity, the Facebook reviews I managed to link these accounts to Iran.

They were about 158 ​​Facebook pages, 263 Facebook accounts, 35 Facebook groups, 57 Instagram accounts, and these accounts made $ 15,000 advertising. The first ad was introduced in December 2013, and the latest ad was displayed in February 2019.

In addition, a small number of these contents related to Ukrainian news and policy, including the continuing conflict in the eastern part of Ukraine; domestic and regional politics; Ukrainian national. The Ukrainian army, the situation in the Crimea, corruption, and another 1907 accused of publishing disturbing data, which is related to Russia.

Facebook also deleted accounts it described as related to Kosovo and Macedonia, where the company explained that the action was due to the behavior of these accounts, not because of the content of the data published by it.

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