Sunday, September 25, 2022

GDPR Violation: Google to pay 50 million euro penalty


Izaan Zubair
Technology writer @ WNObserver
Google has just been fined in France under the law of user data protection law.

GDPR scared many of the smaller or larger companies in 2018 through a series of features that had to be implemented by May 25, 2018 in all EU countries. Moreover, the restrictions also applied to the big tech giants operating in Europe. As a result, Facebook, Google, Microsoft not only had to rethink the entire mechanism by doing business on the old continent.

Because of GDPR, Google has just been fined by the French Data Protection Authority. The amount of 50 million is not fabulous for the annual earnings recorded by the Mountain View giant, but it has set a dangerous precedent for the company and could follow other fines.

The National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms is the French arbitrator responsible for the implementation and monitoring of GDPR legislation in the territory. The same authority fined Google earlier this week because of how it informs users about their data exploitation via Android.

GDPR allows fines to be fined up to 4% of a company’s global business for failing to respect personal data protection obligations for European citizens. Relative to that 4% value, Google’s fine is limited.

Following the investigation, CNIL criticized how Google informs you about monetization of your account when setting up an Android smartphone. “We do not deny that Google informs” the user who opens an account with data mining, Mathias Moulin, CNIL Director of Rights and Sanctions, explained. “But information is not easily accessible, it is disseminated in various documents” the internet will never consult them, he argued.

“Sometimes it takes up to 5 clicks to access information,” he added, noting that Google does not provide “clear and comprehensible information”, Mathias Moulin continued. Finally, Google may appeal this decision to the State Council, the highest administrative jurisdiction in France.

In simple words: User’s control of their Privacy & Permissions of access to their data to Google is messed up and not easily explained/available to users.

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