Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Germany supports Huawei: building 5G network does not exclude any equipment manufacturers


Izaan Zubair
Technology writer @ WNObserver

A spokesman for the German Ministry of the Interior said recently that Germany is opposed to the exclusion of any equipment manufacturers and technologies in the construction of 5G mobile networks .

Currently, US allies such as Australia, New Zealand and Japan restrict Huawei from entering its market. A German Ministry of Interior spokesperson recently said at a regular government press conference: “We don’t want to legally exclude specific suppliers or specific products. We believe that it is important to ensure the security and privacy of the network infrastructure.”

Previously, US officials had lobbied allies to hope that they would prevent Chinese suppliers from providing equipment for their communications networks. Germany has also studied this issue, but the country’s telecom service providers have maintained long-term cooperation with Huawei. They chose to believe in Huawei. For example, market leader Deutsche Telekom used Huawei’s technology in its 5G project in Berlin.

At present, the German network supervision department has launched the auction procedure for 5G licenses. The deadline for submitting applications is January 25 next year, and will be officially auctioned.

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