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Global PC sales grew 1.5% in second quarter of 2019


Izaan Zubair
Technology writer @ WNObserver
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After two quarters of decline, the worldwide PC market grew 1.5% in the second quarter of 2019, according to preliminary results by Gartner, Inc. Shipments totaled 63 million units in the second quarter of 2019, up from 62 million units in the second quarter of 2018.

“The growth of computer shipments worldwide was driven by the demand for Windows 10 in the business market in the second quarter of 2019. The growth of desktop computers was strong, which offset a decline,” Gartner chief analyst Mikako Kitagawa said.

Table 1. Preliminary Worldwide PC Vendor Unit Shipment Estimates for 2Q19 (Thousands of Units)

Company 2Q19 Shipments 2Q19 Market Share (%) 2Q18 Shipments 2Q18 Market Share (%) 2Q19-2Q18 Growth (%)
Lenovo 15,774 25.0 13,608 21.9 15.9
HP Inc. 13,992 22.2 13,636 22.0 2.6
Dell 10,654 16.9 10,435 16.8 2.1
Apple 3,711 5.9 3,720 6.0 -0.2
Acer Group 3,395 5.4 3,968 6.4 -14.4
ASUS 3,100 4.9 3,442 5.5 -9.9
Others 12,347 19.6 13,231 21.3 -6.7
Total 62,974 100.0 62,040 100.0 1.5

Notes: Data includes desk-based PCs, notebook PCs and ultramobile premiums (such as Microsoft Surface), but not Chromebooks or iPads. All data is estimated based on a preliminary study. Final estimates will be subject to change. The statistics are based on shipments selling into channels. Numbers may not add up to totals shown due to rounding. Source: Gartner (July 2019)

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She added that there are signs that the lack of Intel CPU is declining, which has had an impact on the market over the last 18 months. “The shortage has mainly affected small and medium-sized vendors, Grown and continued to grow, taking the market share of the smaller vendors who struggled to secure the CPUs. ”

Gartner warned that the ongoing trade conflict – and the possibility of imposing tariffs – adds uncertainty to the near-term demand for computers, “although the US-China trade war did not affect the computer market in the second quarter of 2019, But the next phase of tariffs may have a big impact. Most laptops and tablets are currently manufactured in China, and sales of these devices in the United States may face a significant price increase if punitive tariffs are imposed and sellers do not take quick action to respond. ”

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