Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Google and Amazon are accused of selling weapons on their websites


Izaan Zubair
Technology writer @ WNObserver

Although there are policies that prohibit the sale of weapons or any weapons-related products such as silencers on online shopping platforms such as Google and Amazon, a recent report revealed that the websites of Google and Amazon are full of offers to sell various weapons and guns.

According to Engadget, following the platforms alert to this problem, representatives of Amazon and Google claimed that these products are no longer on the site at the moment, explaining that each of the technology companies have policies to prevent the sale of weapons, weapons parts and related products such as silencers on shopping platforms,  they also use software designed to identify keywords and images related to firearms.

A Google spokesman wrote in a statement: “The sale of weapons and some parts of weapons is strictly prohibited on Google Shopping, once we found the results violate the policy we removed and we are working to prevent these cases from recurring”.

Other online merchants are struggling to keep firearms off their platforms, but at the same time this is particularly difficult. An investigation by the Los Angeles Times revealed old AK-47s, a pistol grip, and AR-charging handles. 15 enhanced and other prohibited goods displayed on eBay.

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