Saturday, August 20, 2022

Google faces questions about its controversial project in China


Izaan Zubair
Technology writer @ WNObserver

Google executives faced a barrage of questions about workplace policies and controversial projects, led by a search engine in China, at the annual shareholder meeting held yesterday.

The company’s chief executive was not able to answer some of the questions posed to him, only to be silent.

Many employees of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, joined other shareholders and spoke to senior management at the meeting in search of reforms and commitments.

At the start of the meeting, Google CEO Sander Pichai made a presentation about the company, but then sat in silence during the half-hour questions section, as his aides ignored their inquiries about hot topics such as censorship in China.

One of the most shocking questions for company officials is the question of a possible controlled search engine in China. After a silent look, Kent Walker, the company’s chief consultant, said: “We offer our services as widely as possible in all countries around the world, But we have no plans to offer a search engine in China. ”

However, those present at the meeting were not satisfied with the answer because they bear the possibility of thinking about the future. Several others present the same question but in different ways and did not get the final answer.

The meeting comes after a year of criticism that rocked major technology companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon, so there were widespread calls for the government to dismantle giants.

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