Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Google introduces new features on Gmail platform


Zubair Yaqoob
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Google has unveiled some new features on its widely used Gmail platform, making it easy to access and customize email messages and enabling the new Gmail upgrade that has made it more productive than ever.

These features allow you to use other Google applications such as calendars, notes, task lists, and Gmail applications on the same open tab without leaving them.

This is especially useful when you create an email and need to quickly check some information.

To add and use these useful applications on Gmail, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Gmail on your desktop.

Step 2: Check the panel that shows the apps on the far right side If you’re not visible, you’ll see a small side panel at the bottom right corner, click on it to display the panel.

Step 3: Click Calendar and save notes, tasks, and other applications to access the same page.

Step 4: Add more add-ons by clicking on the “+” icon below the application icons, this opens the G Suite Marketplace, you can download other extensions from there as well.

While taking on Google that the side panel is not found on Android and IOS applications, you must use the multi-screen feature to work on emails simultaneously.

The Gmail platform made it easy to attach files in an e-mail message, introduced the Create Actions add-in to save valuable time it takes to switch between different tabs and attach a file from a third-party cloud storage system.

The Gmail setup was first introduced in Google Cloud Next 2018 in July in San Francisco and is now reaching audiences.

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