Google removes 85 applications from Android platform

Google will make adjustments to feature news reports in France
Google will make adjustments to feature news reports in France

Google has removed nearly 85 applications from its “PlayStore” store, after security researchers at Trend Micro security company found dozens of Android advertising applications disguised in the form of applications for editing images and games.

According to engadget, these 85 applications display full-screen and non-skip able ads as part of its scheme to get money, where the integration of advertising programs (AndroidOS_Hidenad.HRXH) in the applications of photography and games, and installed more than 8 million times.

Apps have used common Android functionality to detect when a user unlocks a phone, which has resulted in heavily duplicated ads, and has been difficult to skip.The researchers discovered that apps keep a record when installed and remain disabled for about half an hour, and then hide their icons on the home screen Replacing it briefly, which makes it difficult for the user to delete the application, to keep the application running on the phone.

These 85 applications also use unique techniques to avoid detection by user behavior, and include code that verifies that they don’t show the ad itself too frequently. Trend Micro explained: these apps display full-screen ads, and force the user to see the entire ad before Be able to close it or return to the application itself.

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