Monday, August 15, 2022

New York fails in first attempt to apply facial recognition technology to drivers


Izaan Zubair
Technology writer @ WNObserver

New York State’s attempt to identify terrorists traveling on the road via facial recognition technology has not been going so smoothly as the Wall Street Journal has received an e-mail from the Metropolitan Transport Agency that the 2018 test of the Robert Kennedy Bridge Bridge “in New York City not only failed, but also failed spectacularly – he could not find one face” within accepted criteria. ”

According to the US engadget website, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Transport Agency said the pilot program will continue at the Robert Kennedy Bridge bridge as well as bridges and other tunnels, but it is not a auspicious start.

The problem may be inherent to the early face recognition at these speeds. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory achieved more than 80% of the accuracy in a study that detected the faces through the front glass, but that was at a low speed, so it might not be ready for someone to fall on the bridge.

Face recognition is already a controversial problem, not to mention car alarms. Some consider abuses of power. There are problems of accuracy at the best of times, and sometimes there is a problem identifying people and non-white women.

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