Thursday, May 19, 2022

Securing human body, researchers are devising a cheap tool to detect deadly viruses


Mehboob Ali Shaikh
Mehboob Ali Shaikh is the Bureau Chief of World News Observer. Based in Canada, working with Toronto 360 TV. Mehboob has accomplished Years of experience in print and broadcast media. He is an active participant in Social media strategies, including Facebook, Twitter and Skype.

Mobile phones can be used to secure human body by detecting potentially deadly viruses. Researchers have devised a simple, portable and inexpensive way to detect norovirus levels – a highly contagious virus that can cause vomiting and diarrhea – in water versus $ 50 Only.

“Progress in rapid monitoring of human body viruses in water is essential to protecting public health, on local and global diseases” said study author Professor Kelly Reynolds of the University of Arizona in the United States.

Reynolds added: “The devices used to detect viruses exist, but usually require a laboratory containing a set of microscopes, lasers and spectrum that can cost thousands of pounds,” while it is the most expensive element in the entire device costs less than 40 pounds ($ 50). It’s easy to use, you don’t have to be a scientist or engineer to operate the device”.

The team now hopes to develop ways to detect norovirus infections in human body even earlier and expand their smartphone monitoring platform to detect other risks, such as chemicals that can cause cancer.

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