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Self-driving cars with co-operated technique can improve traffic by 35%


Zubair Yaqoob
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An experiment by Cambridge University researchers showed that a fleet of self-driving vehicles that have a “communicate with each other” technique can improve overall traffic by at least 35%.

According to the Gadgetsnow, researchers have programmed a small fleet of mini-cars to drive on a multi-track road, and observe how traffic flows when a vehicle stops. When cars are not co-operated, any cars behind the parked vehicle must stop or Slows down and waits for a traffic jam, as usually happens on the real road, where the queue is quickly formed behind the parked vehicle and traffic flow is generally slowed down.

In the case of cars that communicate with each other and lead cooperatively, as soon as one of the cars stops in the interior lane, a signal is sent to all other cars. The cars in the outside lane, which was close to the car, In the inner corridor of the passage of speed of the car that stopped without the need to stop or slow down significantly.

“Self-driving cars can solve many of the different problems associated with driving in cities, but there must be a way to work together,” said co-author Michael Lee of St. John’s College, who designed the algorithms for the experiment, said Nicholas Helmar, co-author of Downing College , who designed many devices for the experiment: “If different car manufacturers have developed all their own cars using their own programs, all these vehicles need to communicate effectively with each other.”

For the study, the researchers adapted cars with motion sensors and Raspberry Pi – a small computer – so cars can communicate over Wi-Fi.

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Rochel C
Rochel C
2 years ago

Really informative, thanks for sharing this!

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