Thursday, August 11, 2022

Sony has a new laser face detection, far exceeding Apple’s Face ID


Izaan Zubair
Technology writer @ WNObserver

Apple’s Face ID could be said to be the most secure and convenient security method available today, but Sony claims laser identification will be much more accurate than Face ID.

Director of sensor Sony Satoshi Yoshihara said, the company is planning to increase the production of new 3D sensors for the front camera. This is also the technology that many phone manufacturers are planning to deploy into their products. [penci_blockquote style=”style-2″ align=”none” author=”Satoshi Yoshihara”]”The camera has revolutionized the phone, and based on what I see, 3D will be the same. Speed ​​will be a bit different, but we will definitely see 3D being widely used. I’m sure of that.”[/penci_blockquote]

Face identification method of Face ID, which has been copied by many phone manufacturers such as Huawei and Xiaomi, is to project invisible light dots onto the user’s face and measure the net shape of the face while Sony’s new 3D cameras use vibrating laser signals and measure the time it takes for a vibration to respond. It’s like how bats sound and hear echoes to determine the environment.

Sony said the new method will create a detailed model of the user’s face and can operate from a maximum distance of up to 5 meters. And Japanese electronics firms are also serious about bringing this technology to market. They are currently opening a website dedicated to this technology called Sony Depthsensing, where they explore the capabilities of this technology and how to apply it to cars, drones, autonomous robots and more.

Mass production of 3D cameras is expected to take place at the end of summer 2019, so it is likely that this technology will appear on flagships later this year. With fingerprint sensor technology under the screen still faces some difficulties, laser face recognition will probably be a more preferred solution for smartphone security in the future.

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