Guaido calls on Venezuelans to move to end Maduro regime


“I do not call for patience, but I demand action, organize ourselves and take to the streets to end this bad situation in Caracas,” Guaido said in a statement on Saturday.

The Venezuelan authorities on Thursday took a decision against Guido, who announced himself as acting president, to deprive him of his post as speaker and not to serve as deputy for 15 years on suspicion of corruption, according to the claim of the Comptroller General of Venezuela Elvis Amoroso.

The European Union, as well as the International Contact Group on Venezuela, criticized the Caracas authorities’ ban on Guido’s leader from taking office for 15 years.

The United States and most Western countries support Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guido, who declared himself interim president in January under the constitution, at a time when Venezuela is facing the worst crisis in its history amid economic and financial collapse and a severe shortage of food and medicine.
Maduro, meanwhile, has the support of Russia and China, which he has defended in international forums, particularly the UN Security Council.