Monday, August 15, 2022

Arab League prompts Turkey to withdraw the troops from Syria


Mehboob Ali Shaikh
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Arab League foreign ministers condemned the Turkish invasion of Syria, following military action against Kurd militia, prompted Ankara to withdraw the troops from the country.

The statement was issued at a special session of the Arab League, following requests from Egypt, to discuss Turkish military operation against Kurdish ethnic groups, located in northeast Syria.

The attack launched on Wednesday sparked international community criticism and threats of sanctions on Turkey.

Secretary General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit described the Turkish military attack as an invasion of Arab land.

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In the statement, foreign ministers of the Arab League called for an end to the invasion, and urged Turkey to withdraw all its troops from Syrian land, without the conditions.

“Ankara attack is a threat to the security of the Arab state, and they do not hesitate to take appropriate action in the face of the Turkish invasion”, the Arab League foreign ministers said in a statement.

“Turkey could face certain limitations, these include diplomatic and economic measures, as well as military cooperation to prevent such attacks,” the statement further said.

In response to the statement, Turkish communications’ director Fahrettin Altun said the Arab League had misinterpreted the anti-terrorist operation launched by Ankara as an intrusion, in northeast Syria.

Meanwhile, in Washington, hundreds of Syrian immigrants gathered near the White House, the demonstrators condemned Turkish military action against their home country.

The attack began after President Donald Trump changed the country’s policy and repatriated US troops stationed to help Kurdish security forces in the region.

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