Sunday, May 22, 2022

Brexit dispute: Berlin demands concessions from London


Sajid Aziz
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In Brexit dispute, the German government calls for further concessions from Britain. The Minister of State for Europe Michael Roth in Luxembourg said on Tuesday that there are only two simple conditions, namely the maintenance of peace in Northern Ireland and the protection of the European internal market. “Now it’s up to our British partners to do what’s necessary”.

Michael Roth said he is unclear, whether a deal was within reach, adding that: “A hard Brexit would be a disaster, but the EU continues to do everything for an agreement”.

The EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said, an agreement on a regulated exit from the UK continues to be feasible in the coming days. “Even if an agreement is difficult and frankly more and more difficult, it is still possible this week”, said Barnier on Tuesday in Luxembourg. An agreement must be acceptable not only for the United Kingdom, but for the entire European Union. It was “high time to translate good intentions into a legal text”.

Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok emphasized that the British side had taken some steps forward. But it was not enough to protect the internal market, consumers and companies in the Netherlands need to be sure that there is no side road through the Northern Ireland border for products from outside the EU. Stef Blok said that the unfair competition must be prevented. “Hopefully in the coming hours, there will be sufficient British proposals to ensure this issue”, Blok said.

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