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Jean-Claude Juncker: I’ve been proud to be a small part of European Union


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EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker recalled his five years in office and the achievements. Junker said: “I’ve been proud to be a small part of a European Union for a long time, and especially for the past five years”.

The Luxembourger recalled that the European Union is above all a peace project. “Peace is not self-evident, and we should be proud that Europe is getting the peace,” Juncker said. You also have to talk about this with young people. He told the parliamentarians: “Fight with all you might the stupid nationalism”. Juncker concluded his speech with the words: “Long live Europe!”

“Peace is not self-evident, we should be proud that Europe is getting the peace,” –  Juncker

Juncker officially leaves office on November 1, but still manages the business until his successor Ursula von der Leyen will take over the office. The former Luxembourg head of government moved to Brussels in 2014. His term of office includes a number of crises, including the euro debt, which almost led Greece to leave in 2015, and the refugee issue in 2015. The biggest setback was the Brexit decision in the United Kingdom in 2016, which has been haunting the community ever since.

According to the Telegraph, Juncker said that the Brexit has been a waste of time and energy, Jean-Claude Juncker said during a European Parliament debate where Donald Tusk warned that a no-deal Brexit would always be Britain’s fault.

From Juncker’s point of view, the EU has done everything in its power to facilitate orderly Brexit. Now it is up to the British Parliament whether it agrees to the revised exit agreement, said Juncker. The UK House of Commons is scheduled to hold two votes on Tuesday to implement the agreement, including on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ambitious Brexit agenda.

 Jean-Claude Juncker said, EU has done everything in its power to facilitate orderly Brexit

As a farewell, Juncker referred above all to the successes of the “Juncker Plan” investment program he initiated in 2014. The investments thus secured would have created 1.1 million additional jobs and increased the economy in the European Union by 0.9 percent more than without the plan. Although this was not a panacea, but one can be proud of it. According to the European Commission, in total, a €21 billion fund was mobilized to attract €439.4 billion.

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In addition, Juncker underlined the social orientation of the EU. It was also important to him to keep Greece in the euro area and to establish closer relations with Africa. His EU Commission has prepared proposals for migration policy and concluded a total of 15 international trade agreements.

€21 billion fund was mobilized to attract €439.4 billion

Juncker recalled his meeting with US President Donald Trump in July 2018, when he had defused the trade dispute with the United States. At the time, he explained to Trump that only the EU Commission was responsible for the common commercial policy, which the US President noted with interest.

The launch of the new Commissioner von der Leyen is delayed because her staff package for the future Commission is not yet complete. Three designated commissioners failed in the nomination process. France, Romania and Hungary now have to present new candidates. The possible new start date is December 1st.

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