6 technicalities to enhance your Wi-Fi at home. Learn more

6 technicalities to enhance your Wi-Fi at home. Learn more

Many users experience problems with speed Wi-Fi they always have no matter how much they pay for faster speeds, the problem persists and the users do not feel satisfied, but not a condition that the problem is with the company responsible for the service, you may just need to add minor modifications to your system. It will help you improve your Internet speed:

– Instead of completely changing your company you can just pay attention to your router and update it to the latest version available.

– Upgrade the AV device, which gives you faster speed.

– Device location affects Wi-Fi speed, its presence close to any wall hurls the signals and prevents you from using the Internet at a good speed.

– Change the QoS settings by controlling the frequency band, which indicates the size of the information being sent and handled by some applications.

– Use low-cost extenders to enhance the coverage and speed of the Internet.

– Choose external antennas for WiFi in order to cover larger homes and hi-rise buildings.

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