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7 books fill the history of Apollo 11 mission


Zubair Yaqoob
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On the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 mission, publishers took the opportunity to create a new library with a new value on the history of the Apollo program. There are a number of new books to check if you are interested in learning more about the mission.

These books reveal a wide range of topics related to the mission, as well as the efforts of thousands of engineers, scientists, administrators and politicians who played a major role, namely:

Eight years to the moon. History of Apollo missions

When anyone talks about Apollo 11 mission, we recall  immediately to the legends Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the first astronauts to go up on the moon, and sometimes remember Michael Collins, the commander of the unit who brought them to the space.

But the space program has included thousands of people worked behind the scenes, something Nancy Atkinson reveals in her latest book, “Eight Years to the Moon:

The History of the Apollo Mission.” tells the story of the engineers who developed Apollo’s devices and transmits the huge effort it took to send the first three people to the moon.

American Mooshot. John F. Kennedy and the Great Space Race

Where he revealed how the US space program revealed the political landscape in which John Kennedy was moving, as well as the engineers and scientists who developed the technology that made the mission possible.

Space for the Apollo 11

Is a comprehensive and fast listing of space trips from Sputnik to the Apollo 11 mission, the book was praised by reviewers as a comprehensive volume.

One giant leap. impossible mission that brought us to the moon

Charles Fishman followed what Nancy Atkinson said was an in-depth dive into the behind-the-scenes efforts to develop the technology needed to reach the moon, focusing on astronauts and among 410,000 officials, engineers, scientists and workers, as well as officials who oversaw and guided the mission.

Apollo Legends .Views on the Moon’s Landing

He does not recount the history behind the Apollo 11 mission, but he studied the impact he has made on the public. He looked at how astronauts were marketed, how the first images of Earth changed from space to general concepts, explaining the program’s victories.

The moon is a history of the future

This writer takes a slightly different path, looking at the wider history of our admiration for the moon, and looking at the observations of early astronomers, scientists, artists and sci-fi writers, predicting what the future might bring us back.

Apollo 11: The Inner Story

Takes a comprehensive look at Apollo 11 mission, where he conducted extensive interviews with the astronauts involved in the mission, including Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Gane Cernan, and others.

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