Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Aerial footage shows the largest iceberg drifting towards South Georgia Island


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Video footage recently recorded by a British Air Force aircraft showed the largest iceberg in the world drifting towards South Georgia Island in the south of the Atlantic Ocean, where the crew of the E400M reconnaissance plane saw large chunks of ice splitting off the mountain and its main mass. Then it appeared to be moving under the water surface.

This glacier is known as “A68a” Its area is estimated at 4,200 square kilometers, its size equals four times the city of London

Aerial photo of the iceberg

Experts suggest that this glacier has traveled about 1050 kilometers, during the three years, since it separated from the ice shelf known as “Larsen C” in the frozen Antarctic.

The erosion of the largest iceberg in the world

This iceberg was drifting towards the overseas areas under British sovereignty when it became about 200 km from the mainland of South Georgia Island, and at that time, the plane’s crew detected the fission.

Experts do not rule out that this glacier will remain stuck in the waters surrounding the island, and if this happens, it will pose a great threat to its ecosystem, and these environmental concerns are raised, because the huge glacier will harm the penguins and seals, because of obstructing their access to food.

The environmental data obtained were shared with the authorities and experts, to discuss the steps to be taken in light of the approaching glacier.

Michael Wilkinson, the Air Force squadron commander that took the photo, said the reconnaissance plane that accomplished the mission could operate in cold conditions and approach the glacier to reveal detailed data.

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