Friday, July 1, 2022

After Facebook announced new digital currency, learn details about blockchain technology


Zain Zubair
Zain Zubair is a staff writer for World News Observer. He is studying ACCA in Pakistan. Besides Accountancy and writing pieces, he loves cooking and nature photography. Zain has attended various modern journalism workshops. Contact: [email protected]

It is known that encryption techniques are many and different forms, and these technologies have been used in the creation of encrypted digital currency such as Bitcoin, which is the most famous currencies, but also recently appeared Libra, digital currency of Facebook, and there is another technological revolution in the world of digital and digital exchange, Blockchain technology, if you have not heard of it before, here’s all you need to know about it.

What is the Shin Block?

Shin Block Technology first appeared in 2009, 10 years ago. It is a new and comprehensive peer-to-peer programming system. It is used in technology transactions between customers directly without the need for intermediary, and there is no government monitor or controller of the operations carried out through it.

Difference between them and digital currencies?

The Shin Block system is not only limited to digital currencies, which some have described as a comprehensive system that can parallel the Internet itself.

Shin’s security system

The security system of Block Shin is more secure than any other encryption system. It offers more secure banking services than traditional banks and transactions. This is because it is decentralized and has no monitor or controller, making it ideal for financial transactions and storing important information.

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