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After US embargo on Huawei .. List of companies abandoned the technology giant


Zubair Yaqoob
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Number of international technology companies cut ties with China’s Huawei after the United States government placed the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker on blacklist, citing concerns about national security. The United States effectively prevented its companies from dealing with Huawei, Exacerbating the ongoing Sino-US trade war.

The ban applies to goods containing 25% or more of the technology or materials produced by the United States and may affect non-US companies. The report said that Huawei is allowed to purchase US goods until August 19 to maintain existing telecommunications networks and provide software updates for its smartphones.

The following are the companies that have stopped their business with the Chinese technology giant:


Google’s parent company, “Alphabet”, suspended on May 19 the transfer of hardware, software and technical services to Huawei, except as made available to the public through an open source license.

Intel Corp, Qualcomm Inc., Xilinx Inc., and Broadcom Inc.

They told employees they would not provide Huawei with important software or components until further notice, Bloomberg reported on May 19.

LUMENTUM holdings INC.

The optical components manufacturer said on May 20 that all shipments to Huawei had been suspended, adding that it “intends to fully comply with the US licensing requirements imposed. Huawei accounted for 18% of the company’s total revenue in the fourth quarter.


The chip maker said on May 21 it expected first quarter revenues to reach $ 50 million due to Huawei’s shipments, and China accounted for 15 percent of Qorvo’s total revenues in the year ended March 30.

ANALOG devices INC:

Chief Executive Officer Vincent Roach said on May 22 that his company would not ship anything to Huawei in the near future.


On May 22, the optical chip maker reduced its forecast for second-quarter profit based on its understanding of Huawei’s blacklist status, with Huawei accounting for 14 percent of the company’s sales in 2018.

ARM Company:

The British chip maker, owned by Japan’s Softbank Group Corp., said on May 22 that it had suspended relations with Huawei to comply with the US embargo.


Japan’s electronics giant said on May 23 that it had stopped shipments of certain components to Huawei, while at the same time it would still sell some components to Huawei, a point I made on its website in China.

Newfotonic Corp:

The optical components manufacturer said on May 23 that it had recorded some stocks as a result of the US embargo on Huawei, while “fully complying with restrictions” by stopping shipments of products.


The company said on May 23 that the company restricted trade with Huawei and would affect its revenue.

MICRON technology INC:

The chip maker, which earned 13% of its revenues in the first and second quarters of Huawei, was restricted from exporting an additional product to the Chinese company, the company’s financial director David Zinsner said on May 23.


Microsoft has stopped accepting new applications from Huawei as it moves to comply with the US embargo, where the two areas of work between Huawei and Microsoft – Windows operating systems for laptops and other content-related services have been suspended, the South China Morning Post reported on May 24.

IQE Plc:

The United Kingdom-based semiconductor chip manufacturer, which uses chips on May 24, said Huawei’s ban on the United States could lead to delays in orders and the need to modify supplier-run inventory levels, particularly in its wireless business unit, IQE supplies chips with multiple chip companies, some of which provide Huawei.


The RF chip maker said it had stopped all shipments to Huawei and its subsidiaries and could not predict when to return the shipments.

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